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Power and Telephone
The developers of Broomgrass have provided underground conduits to each lot for the local utilities which provide power and telephone service to this area. Transformers and telephone junctions will be set at the time Owners request service.

Broomgrass will provide various types of technology depending on the needs of the community members. Currently we anticipate both a shared wireless connection within the community, and dedicated bandwidth for members needing consistent access to the internet.

Each owner shall be responsible for drilling their own well. Well units should be located on the individual's lot. However, under extreme circumstances, the well could be located on common land.

In order to avoid ground water contamination, Broomgrass design standards call for owners to install a "home aeration unit" (HAU) or bio-kinetic system (the Norweco Singulair system is one example) to treat waste water and a constructed wetland (approximately 10' X 10') to disperse the water. The HAUs are typically a three chamber tank that aerates the water and are close in size to a standard septic tank. Manufacturers of these units note that the effluent is clear and odorless.
Using a sand bed and water plants, the constructed wetland is easily formed, and will serve as a sanctuary for wildlife.
The West Virginia State and Berkeley County Health Departments have approved this method of processing waste water.